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 Client Self-Care Classes

Clients can learn a comprehensive routine to drain your lymphatic system for health and well-being.

2 Hour Core class - Head, Neck & Abdomen  ($60)

Pre-requisite for all other classes. Learn a comprehensive routine as well as how to customize lymphatic drainage to address a large number of health concerns.

2 Hour Kiddos Class  ($60)

Learn to apply MFLD to children as well as abdominal massage for tummy aches & reflexology/ pressure points for sinus relief.

2 Hour Body Contouring Class  ($60)

Inch loss & cellulite reduction, Includes Arms & Legs. Get a smoother appearance to the skin and help to rebuild Collagen and Elastin. 

2 Hour Breast Cancer Class  ($60)

Learn appropriate drainage patterns after surgery & or radiation to help prevent complications such as Lymphedema.

Upcoming Self-Care Classes

Lymphatic Drainage

Register Here or call Rachel at 608-290-4828.

Check back - more classes coming soon!

Know a healthcare facility that would like to host a class? Please send us an email with their information!

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