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Rachel Perry Gilbertson LMT, CMLDT
NCBTMB- Approved CE provider

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Hi, I'm Rachel!

I’m a Medical Massage Therapist and NCBTMB approved CE provider who’s been there and seen it all in the massage world. I’m passionate about helping other massage therapists maximize their potential.

I’m also a crazy busy wife and mom to 2 kiddos, a dog and a horse and I know how hard it is to balance it all!

After 2 decades of practicing deep massage techniques, wrecked my body. From neck and shoulder pain to tendonitis in my hands and wrists I thought my massage career was over.

I established Pump Lymphatics to provide CE courses for therapists who want to save their body while delivering the life-changing results their client’s demand.

I’m not your average teacher. I’m passionate about bringing a fresh,

multi-dimensional approach to learning. I strive for a friendly classroom environment where every student feels seen and understood.

If you’re serious about skyrocketing your revenue while avoiding burnout, we should talk

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